Shorehouse Maxi Skirt Pattern Only


Pattern ONLY. Light instructions in description below.

A classic, full-length maxi skirt with waistband and invisible side zip.

It’s a dream to wear and looks great with a loose camisole tucked in for the warm weather months. Layer it with tights and don those fav’ boots for a winter look. A feminine and comfortable item.

The option of button or buttonless waistband.

Available as a nest of AU/UK size 6-14 (US 2-10. EU 34-42).

Suitable for ‘Confident Beginners’. ★★★✩✩ (5 stars is for advanced sewists)


Materials –

  • 1.25m woven rayon
  • 10cm x 90cm of fusible interfacing
  • 35cm invisible zipper (30cm if using a button)
  • 2cm button – optional.


Size 6 = 64cm waist

Size 8 = 69cm waist

Size 10 = 74cm waist

Size 12 = 79cm waist

Size 14 = 84cm waist

PATTERN ONLY, instructions under review.


INSTRUCTIONS – For A Maxi skirt with a zip and no button:

  1. Fuse the entire wrong side of the waistband with a woven, cotton, Vilene-like, fusible interfacing.
  2. Sew side seam from hem up to zip notch with a 1.5cm seam. These edges should not need overlocking as you’ve cut to the entire width of the rayon fabric.
  3. Sew 2 rows of stitches (3mm long stitches), 5mm apart at 5mm and 1cm from the raw waist edge (upper edge) to make gathering rows. Make sure to leave ~10cm long threads at each end to be able to pull on in order to gather at the next step next.
  4. There should be 4 threads dangling at each end, 2 on top and two on the wrong side. Take the 2 top side threads (or alternatively both the wrong side threads) and pull to create the gather. Reduce the length of the fabric to just short of the length of the waistband. Put piece aside.
  5. Take note that the zip will be on the right side of the body.
  6. Press one long edge of the waistband, at 1cm, to the wrong side.
  7. Pin unpressed, right side of the waistband to the right side of the gathered skirt edge with a 12mm seam allowance. Stitch. Press seam toward waistband.
  8. Pin the top of the 35cm invisible zip face down – starting with the zip stopper placed halfway along the waistband’s short edge (ie. from the notch)- continue pinning the long edge to the skirt edge AND having the zip teeth 1cm from the skirt edge.
  9. Using an invisible zipper foot (or regular zip foot if you must), stitch the zip from the top to the side seam opening.
  10. Fold the waistband over, in half, so that the interfaced side is outside and the end of the zipper tape is ‘sandwiched’ between. Pin the short ends together, making sure to catch the zip tape too. Stitch 1cm seam allowance.
  11. Turn the waistband corners out so the right side is outside and the raw edge is tucked inside the waistband.
  12. Pin the loose waistband edge – from the outside – making sure the inside of the waistband covers the last stitched seam.
  13. From the outside, edge-stitch the waistband closed. This means to stitch along the waistband edge at 1mm, that meets the gathered skirt. Press.
  14. Hem the lower edge of the skirt by folding 8mm-1cm of fabric to the wrong side and press it up.
  15. Then fold it inward again by 12mm and pin. Stitch along the first folded edge at 1mm. This creates a double-rolled hem once stitched. Press.
  16. Voila!

There is a variation with a button tab but is trickier. Instructions in development.




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