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I believe that we have too few opportunities in life to enjoy making our own possessions. Sewing straddles practicality and decoration, left and right brain. Actualising the fruits of your creativity through your OWN hands is so satisfying! I’m so proud and excited for each and every thing the sewists make through the Sewdeliska studio. Come and be part of the fun, and connect with a vibrant, creative community!

I’ll share my story with you, if you have the time...

My history with sewing garments started at 11 years old. After purchasing a piece of mauve cotton with gold lurex thread running through it, at my primary school fete, I convinced my mother to teach me how to make a gathered skirt with a yoke.

The next pivotal thing was a trip to Goa, India, where I was exposed to an array of cultural influences from artisanal Indian textiles to super-funky, European fashionistas. I unfortunately returned on a stretcher and after making it out of hospital two and a half months later, started studying fashion at Bentley TAFE in a wheel chair. My brush with ‘the other side’ had the effect of infusing my designs with a high degree of colourful 'signs-of-life'. Everything I made was unconventional and rich in colour.

After college, I joined my mother in Bali producing clothing and then travelled down the east coast of Australia, selling the designs out of a suitcase and a metallic green, Holden panel van.

Once in Melbourne, I joined the creative Fitzroy community and worked at design houses in childrenswear, street-wear and formal-wear. It was a tough time for the industry though with new Free-Trade agreements signed, which reduced the 45% import tariff on imported items to 0% within four short years. Most clothing production went offshore to China and disadvantaged much of the remaining local industry.

I returned to Perth, to settle down, and happened to get into bridal-wear, which I found rewarding. I have made over 70 dresses and gowns. Bridalwear work then got me through 3 years of a Communications degree and few years of stay-at-home parenting. My then-husband, set about building me a custom designed studio when the kids were small. It took us three years to complete. It is a dream come true and a place I love to share with people. I started teaching friends at night, in the autumn of 2014, which I enjoyed so much I quickly branched out to the public.

The journey continues and I absolutely love what I do. Fabulous people come in and make a place for themselves with their ideas. Thanks for reading. I do hope you can feel inspired and join us.

Loose top with scoop neck

I’ve now had countless students through the door ranging from five -when my son was sewing scrunchies for a kindy-mate’s birthday present- to a 72 year old woman with arthritic hands. The people are why I do this. Not only do we learn sewing in class, we learn from each other.