MEDIUM Adjustable, White, Project Runway Dress Form


Stylish, white, dressmakers adjustable dummy. Cloth covered.

Dressmaking model. Project Runway style, 8 part dress form.


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Dressmakers dress form (sometimes called a dummy or mannequin) covered in neutral-white, foam-lined fabric, on an adjustable chrome stand.

The neutral coloured fabric is a sensible contrast to the garish coloured dress forms mostly on the market. This means that the eye is not detracted from the garment you are creating nor is your decor conflicted.

Drape your own patterns and easily adjust your garments to your body measurements without the aid of another-pair-of-hands.

MEDIUM Measurements:

BUST: 100-116cm (39″-47″)

WAIST: 74-94cm (29”-37”)

HIP: 102-122cm (40”-48”)


  • The body can be lengthened
  • 8 parts
  • 12 adjustment points
  • Pin cushion at neck adjuster
  • Height can be adjusted, useful for hem adjustment
  • Foam-backed, easy-care covering for pinning
  • Foldable, chrome, tripod stand